onsdag 10 september 2008

Multitouch rules...

Still can't understand that the guys in the office actually built a multitouch screen using only cardboard, a white paper and a webcam... I have some cool ideas for a nice Iphone app, we just need to have some funding to make it happen.

tisdag 9 september 2008

The Future is here

It's kind of funny to see the ideas we developed and talked about in the Vodafone Future Vision already to be on the market. We made that project back in 2003 and the ideas and technologies presented was supposed to be 10-15 years away. Now it is 2008 and it's already more than a vision...

söndag 7 september 2008

Rain Deer Man

Spent the saturday in Tåmeträsk, a small village outside Skellefteå, picking Karl Johan-mushrooms. Beautiful first days of the autumn.

In the evening we had a nice dinner together. We prepared some great grilled meat together with a unhealthy but incredibly delicious creamsauce made out of the Karl Johan-mushrooms we picked.

Afterwards I smoked a pipe of swedish blend out on the porch and the Rain Deer Man honored us with a visit. According to tradition we served him a glass of homemade vodka and after enjoying it loudly he went away. I have never taken the risk to see what happens if you don't give him the vodka...

fredag 5 september 2008

Speaking at APMT4 in Tokyo

Back in Sweden and back to my paternity leave after one amazing week in Tokyo. Been 4 years since last time and everything is as fantastic as I remember it.

was successful although it was difficult to speak with a translator. Many thanks to Yosuke and his team for a great event!

It was really fun to see Akihito Abe and his team again. We had a great dinner the first night at a classical Teppanyaki/Okonomiyaki place in Love Hotel Hills.

I was also lucky to experience an exclusive sushi-dinner for the second time in my life. The high I get from that kind of food is difficult to explain... but it is better than any drug I ever tried. Drugs are nothing compared to that feeling.

Blade runner feeling in Shibuya...